Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 74

I’m surprised that my strange hobby of feeding things to Snaggletooth continues and I’m not even at the half way point yet (I’ve decided that I’m going to feed 666 things to Snaggletooth).

On June 25th Snaggletooth celebrated half Christmas with a Christmas pudding. It was a posh one and he enjoyed the candied clementine in the middle, however, he thinks calling it a hidden clementine is overdoing it, because he knew where it was, it was just unseen. Hopefully Heston will be calling this an unseen clementine Christmas pudding next year.

Snaggletooth has also recently enjoyed a custard slice. I used to always have a custard slice in Stewarts Garden Centre in Christchurch when on holiday with my grandparents.  Some pineapple and a large sugary strawberries and cream flavour biscuit completes this set of four things Snaggletooth has eaten recently.

If there is anything you’d like to see Snaggletooth eat then let me know…

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 72

I’ve now fed 288 things to Snaggletooth! He’s had caramel digestives because 29th May is National Biscuit Day. He’s had fish and chips because 1st June is National Fish & Chip Day. He’s had apple, celery and raisin salad (it can’t be all chips and biscuits) and apple with natural yogurt and honey. Thanks bees!

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 66

Recently Snaggletooth has been finishing off things left from Christmas (Nell Gwynne mulled cider* and a Nerds holiday rope) and eating pink things (Peeps bunnies and Sweetarts cherry ropes). He doesn’t advise you to follow his diet plan, it’s only suitable for giant disembodied heads.


*For some unfathomable reason I was dressed as Nell Gwynne as a toddler in 1977 as part of a playgroup fancy dress event for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. I can only assume that my Nan had to come up with a costume at very short notice and decided to focus on the orange selling part of Nell’s career rather than the being the mistress of Charles II part of her career. Also, it was the 1970s and a bylaw had been passed stating that everything must be either orange or brown or unable to stand up to the scrutiny of future generations.

Nell Gwynne