Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 123

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, or as I think of it, Lemmy’s birthday. It’s been a weird old year has 2020, and having weird hobbies, like feeding things to Snaggletooth, has helped by being a distraction from the awful coronavirus pandemic. I hope you’ve all found some good distractions.

Snaggletooth has embraced the festive foodstuffs this season. He’s found the maple and pecan mince pies to be rather toothsome, as was the chocolate Yule log. The best bit of the chocolate Yule log is the end slice with it’s high cake to icing ratio. I have discovered that by buying a pot of chocolate icing and applying to the cut ends you can make every slice an end slice! The pigs in duvets sausage rolls are good dipped in salad cream and the M&S Billionaire’s YumNut was super sweet.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas 2020 and a happy, healthy 2021!

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 121

Snaggletooth has nibbled some coconut ice recently, it’s full of sugar and pleasingly pink. He’s also chomped some homemade sundried tomato and olive bread. Homemade bread has become a thing during the coronavirus pandemic. Since Christmas is approaching he’s had a pigs in blankets pot noodle which was surprisingly edible and some ham flavour Pringles which are a good addition to the Pringles suite of potato snacks.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 119

Snaggletooth has enjoyed Eton mess bites, a winter spice Twix, some dark chocolate gingers and some butterscotch whippy dessert recently.

The whippy dessert made me think of when my neighbours who lived next door but one in the 1980s saved packets from Instant Whip and sent away for free T-shirts. Not only did they get to eat loads of Instant Whip, they also got some pretty cool summer clothing.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 117

Snaggletooth thinks food is one of the pleasures left to us while living in a pandemic. He’s chomped cheeseburger flavour crisps, he’s munched Munchies because that’s explicitly what they want you do with them, he’s slurped Hello Kitty pasta shapes and he’s very much enjoyed a Cecil the caterpillar cake. Cecil is Waitrose’s answer to M&S’s Colin the caterpillar and the two chaps look like cousins to me, they are very similar.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 116

I have not made jam tarts for a very long time, but I did during lock down, so Snaggletooth had a nibble. It’s quite relaxing persuading jam to fall off a spoon. Snaggletooth has also eaten Opal Fruits (hooray for the sweets that were always present on 1980s holiday car journeys), a picnic during national picnic month (July 2020) and some dark chocolate Hobnobs.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 115

Snaggletooth has had two types of flapjack recently, some HobNob peanut butter fudge ones and some cherry and sultana ones which were bought at a garden centre. Right now we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and going to a garden centre is quite a nice change from staying indoors. Snaggletooth has also has some katsu curry crisps and some fancy Godiva chocolate biscuits with hearts on. He hopes you’re all staying safe and washing your hands.