We Love Metal Review of The Nearly New Millennium Diary of Cleo Howard 1999

NNMD99We Love Metal Dot Com have reviewed all of the Eviscerated Panda books and all of Cleo Howard’s diaries. Their lovely reviewer Surdus is based in Canada and we always end up having a long email chat about the things which are unique to growing up British. I never know what these things are until my book lands in Canada, this time it was Wellies and previously I discovered that there are exciting ice cream flavours, such as orange and pineapple, that we don’t have here in England.


Review of Eviscerated Panda 5 – So Far, So Good, So Panda

The ever-supportive We Love Metal Dot Com have reviewed Eviscerated Panda So Far So Good So Panda. They’ve been encouraging from my very first book onwards and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling from their reviews.

I should warn you that they include some quotes from the book with rude words in.

You can read the review here: