AC/DC’s High Voltage 1975 Australia Only Album By Song Topic

Have you ever listened to AC/DC and thought that their songs seem to fall into one of three categories; songs about sex, songs about gambling and songs about rocking (the importance of)?

Have you then considered going through every one of their studio albums and working out the percentage of each song topic contained within that album?

When you’ve done all 17 albums (17 because you’ve included the two early Australia only albums because if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing properly) you will reach an amalgamated score and will know if AC/DC are mainly about sex, about gambling or about rocking (the importance of) and this will be satisfying.

Anyway, this is my new project. The first album I’ve looked at is High Voltage (1975) Australia Only Version.

High Voltage (1975) Australia Only Version The Songs

Baby Please Don’t Go – this is a cover, originally by Big Joe Williams and is about sex.

She’s Got Balls – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “She’s got spunk that woman”.

Little Lover – sex, supporting lyrical evidence is all of the lyrics, but for example “The wet patch on your seat, was it Coca Cola?”.

Stick Around – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “C’mon baby sit on this”.

Soul Stripper – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Then she laid her hand on my lap”.

You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “You can take me to your bedroom”.

Love Song – Love rather than sex, supporting lyrical evidence, “Oh, I’ve got hearts and flowers for you, if you leave me you’ll make me cry”. This is not typical AC/DC lyrical fare.

Show Business – rocking (the importance of), supporting lyrical evidence “You want to roll, you want to rock”.

High Voltage 1975 Aus Only Pie Chart

Conclusion – This album is 75% sex, with 12.5% love and 12.5% rocking. It occurs to me that the sex written about could be divided into happy sex where AC/DC are having a nice time with a lovely lady like in “Little Lover” and less happy sex in which it’s complicated, like in “Soul Stripper”. So, to further subdivide High Voltage 1975 Australia Only Version, of the songs about sex, two of them (Soul Stripper and You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me) are about complicated relations while four are more straight forward sounding sex situations (sexuations? no, this is not a good word).

The next album to get my forensic lyrical analysis will be T.N.T. (1975) Australia only. My early prediction is that AC/DC will get less sexy and more focused on rocking (the importance of) over time, but we’ll see.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 102

I think sherbet lemons ought to be renamed sherbet Lemmys in honour of the great man. I’d start an online petition about it if I wasn’t already busy being weird in lots of other ways and if politics wasn’t in the pickle it’s in. I’d love to know what Lemmy would have made of Brexit. Anyway, so far it’s just me and a Twitter chum (thanks Gord Turner @StormLeaf for making yourself a mental note) using the term sherbet Lemmys but please do join in. I’m also trying to get the ten pound note referred to as a persuasion but that’s a side quest.

Recently Snaggletooth has licked a sherbet Lemmy, chomped burger flavour crisps, eaten rock from Birmingham, the Home Of Metal (check out the Black Sabbath Exhibition if you haven’t already, it’s wonderful!) and had some dark chocolate. Yum!

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 100

I have now fed 400 things to Snaggletooth! He’s recently chomped some garlic and parsley toasts (found in Lidl, who like to have new and exciting things which are never there the next time you go back). He’s also slurped some espresso martini,  enjoyed some chocolate chip brioche and the 400th thing he’s eaten was Mr Kipling’s apple flavour Battenbergs (delightfully lime green and bright pink coloured, like an X-Ray Spex album cover).

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 98

Every Monday over on Twitter I enjoy reading whatever is attached to the hashtag #MotorheadMonday. I always join in by feeding something to Snaggletooth. This week I’ve reached 392 things fed to Snaggletooth! I’m going to do another 274 and I expect to reach my goal of 666 foods fed to Snaggletooth some time in 2024!

Lately Snaggletooth has had fancy Marks And Spencers caramel chocolates that look like marbles, a pink iced fairy cake, some clotted cream fudge (my Mum went to Devon) and some jelly beans.

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 97

Recently Snaggletooth has been indulging his sweet tooth. He’s chomped some Nesquik cereal straight from the box, chewed some Curly Wurly Squirlies (I was tempted to arrange them back into the shape of a full size Curly Wurly, like doing a jigsaw), licked some lollies and eaten a Yowie, something I’ve not seen in England since the 90s. This particular Yowie I bought in a CVS pharmacy while on holiday in Florida. The chocolate is not as nice as I remember it but the toy is good, it’s an endangered bird called the Southern Ground Hornbill.


Free eBooks – Want to Time Travel to 1997 and 1998?

Today and tomorrow (9th and 10th June) I’m offering two of the Cleo Howard diaries free on Kindle. They are usually priced at £1.99 each. They were a lot of fun to write.

The first in the series is The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1997.

very metal diary of cleo howard 1997 by sarah tipperHere is its blurb: The year is 1997. Cleo Howard is at a very awkward age, she’s sure she’s an adult, so why won’t everyone realise this? Why won’t her chest realise this? Why is Maths so hard? When will she stop feeling sad that her Dad doesn’t live with her and her Mum? Music and men are her twin fascinations and she thanks Almighty Lemmy for metal and mates. Her diary is home to her deepest thoughts, fondest wishes and often what she had for tea.

You can download it from Amazon at  The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1997.

The second in the series is The Mega Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1998.

mmd98Here is its blurb: The year is 1998. The location is Reading, England. Cleo Howard is almost sixteen years old. It’s going to be a big year. By the end of it she’ll have seen Black Sabbath and Slayer, sat her GCSEs, been alone with a man and Opal Fruits will have been renamed Starburst. It’s a time of great change. Cleo is lucky to have her constant companions Ian and Jenni to help her weather the storms of her world.

You can download it from Amazon at The Mega Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1998.


I wish you lots of happy reading this summer and would be delighted if one of the books you read is written by me!

Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 96

Recently Snaggletooth has eaten a Lion Bar Easter egg, some Beech’s chocolate bunnies, some Marmite Peanut Butter (which tastes a bit like runny dry roasted peanuts) and some RJ’s Liquorice Allsorts which come in unusual flavours and colours that wouldn’t be out of place on a punk album cover.

RJ’s Liquorice Allsorts come in banana, raspberry, orange and lime flavour and I bought them at a local garden centre. They cost a whopping £3.99 but I treated us because I was sad. Garden centres remind me that my grandparents are dead. The raspberry ones just taste sweet, but Snag and I detected a bit of flavour in all the others, with the banana being most successful.


Free Christmas Short Stories ebook 11th to 15th May

TtTYtC Cover 6Sept2015I’ve written a book of 24 short stories about Christmas and made it free to download on Amazon until May 15th 2019. Just use the links below if you’d like a copy (links open in a new window):

Tales to Take You to Christmas UK link

Tales to Take You to Christmas US link

It is also free on all the other Amazon sites.

I got the idea for the book when I was looking for an unusual advent calendar for my mum. I decided that if I wrote 24 short stories, it would be an advent calendar in book form.

I took inspiration for the cover from a page of one of my favourite Ladybird books. Ladybird books are some of the first books I read. My dad used to bring me one home on a Friday night when he got paid. He inspired my love of reading and my love of Christmas. All of the decorations used for my book cover have hung on either my parents’ or grandparents’ Christmas trees when I was a child.




Below are the first pages of four of my Christmas stories. Follow That Star TonightThe BellLateNightThursdayIfIHadAMagicWand