Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 80

Snaggletooth has enjoyed some creamy apricot fromage frais, a crunchy Reese’s Nut Bar, a moist and spicy lightly fruited cake and some assorted chocolates recently. The cake was homemade by me, a basic sponge recipe with six tablespoons of mincemeat added. The chocolate assortment claimed to have world famous chocolates but I was unable to identify a single one of the chocolates contained therein, even after asking the people of Twitter and Instagram for help.

Want To Travel Back In Time 21 Years?

VMD97Today (Sunday 7th October 2018) you can download a free Kindle copy ofΒ The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1997. It’s a 222 page time machine full of things you might have forgotten. I loved writing it and I love the intimacy of the diary format.

The heroine, Cleo Howard, is a full on metalhead and a girl who likes to have fun. Like most teenagers, adults keep trying to rein her in.

Here is the start of July, August and September. I hope some fond memories get jogged.