Meeting other authors is very inspiring

Mick WallI met two awesome heavy metal authors this week; Mick Wall and Joel McIver. Both were at Blackwells in Oxford (my favourite bookshop) where Mick was talking to Joel McIver (and us, the audience) about his book about Lemmy. I’ll write a lengthy and emotional post about what Lemmy means to me at some point but for now be assured that he was a hero of mine.

Mick Wall very kindly agreed to be photographed with Heavy Metal Panda, the mascot for the Eviscerated Panda series. I bought Mick’s autobiography and I’m looking forward to reading about him putting himself about a bit in the eighties, to a soundtrack of music I love. I also bought his AC/DC biography as a gift for my sister (a love of music clearly runs in our family. My Mum is partially deaf and likes Cliff Richard so make of that what you will).

I had an interesting chat with Joel McIver about one of his most recent titles about Dave Ellefson and bought both that and his book about Black Sabbath the minute I got home. One of the best treats in the world is new books.


Mick Wall’s Amazon author page is

Joel McIver’s Amazon author page is

Go on, treat yourself to a heavy read!


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