Two museums with skulls and be thankful for the Biro…

I live in Oxford which is a great literary city. People in Oxford think writing books is as normal as putting the bins out or going to the shop for milk. We also have some wonderful museums in Oxford, two of which I visited briefly today.

The Pitt Rivers Museum has anthropology and archaeology aplenty. These old writing implements caught my eye and made me glad to have a ballpoint pen in my bag. I usually carry at least two pens, always having a pen is sort of my special skill. So far this hasn’t been enough to make me the next James Bond but you never know, or maybe I could join the X-Men as Two Pens Tipper.

This museum also has shrunken heads and a tattoo exhibit, see for more details.

Writing Implements

The Natural History Museum has skulls and skeletons galore but today this caught my eye. See for more details. Every exhibit has a story to tell. I can’t explain this one.


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