Eurotrash is back, hurrah!

Here is an extract from The Mega Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1998 which mentions Eurotrash:

Saturday 15th August 1998

Ella wants to be Lolo Ferrari when she grows up (or should that be out, Dear Diary?). Lolo Ferrari is on Eurotrash and is famous for having massive tits. They remind me of Kenny Everett when he was being Cupid Stunt. Mum used to moan at Dad for letting me watch his Kenny Everett video. I wish I could watch it with him one more time. If he came back from the dead he might be angry I’d used his condoms or he might be too embarrassed to say anything.

Lex put the Sister’s Of Mercy’s “I Want More” on the jukebox and we said it was Lydia’s song (her surname is Moore). She talked to Mopey a little bit. Jenni said Lex looked lush tonight. He was wearing a fishnet top and you could see his nipples. Mopey was wearing a Placebo T-shirt. Shot was wearing a bikini top and a leather skirt. I wore my Nine Inch Nails vest. Everyone except Lydia has their own style. She was wearing a really common Marilyn Manson T-shirt which she only wears in the Green Man.


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