Review of Rock Stars In Their Underpants by Paula Yates


This book of Polaroid photos from 1980 is splendid. It’s a bit short on words but if I’m honest I didn’t buy it for the words. That said, Paul Gambaccini, Peter Cook and Paula Yates write amusing introductions.

So, on to the snapshots; Ted Nugent wins the oddest underwear award, Lemmy’s smalls are red and jolly, Phil Lynott has chosen purple pants to protect his plums, Rod Stewart gives us a flash of pubes, whether we like it or not, we get two great shots of Rick Parfitt, and four of Jools Holland who looks secure in his snazzily patterned briefs. There was no manscaping in the late seventies, I reflected, while looking at a hairy Elton. Reg Presley’s brown and orange nylon knickers reminded me of my Nan’s wallpaper. I left the book open on Pete Way and I got the impression that UFO might have stood for Underpant Frontal Object, it sort of followed me round the room in an eerie fashion. There’s no Robert Plant in this book because his spokesman said he was a bit chubby at the moment. Perhaps I’ll write a sequel and see if I can get him to take part.




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