The Nearly New Millennium Diary Of Cleo Howard 14th August 1999

Saturday 14th August

On Wednesday Shot, Ella, Lizzie, STR and Dazza get their A Level results. Shot already has a jNNMD99ob in Woolies and Ella has been working in Pizza Hut for ages so they are the least bothered. Shot has drawn anarchy signs on some of the “A”s in the “Back to School” signs in Woolies. Ella said she is getting bored of eating pizza.

I heard Terrorvision’s “Tequila” at least four times tonight. They don’t sell tequila in the Green Man, Ella asked. Mopey moaned again that they don’t sell absinthe. He claimed tonight that he is a lone wolf. I said “So you won’t be needing an address book or a phone card when you go back to uni?” and everyone laughed. Usually I think of something funny to say two days later. T-Reg said his address book is so full he’s only got spare pages for women whose names begin with O, Q, X, Y and Z. You could see him thinking about the letters of the alphabet while he was speaking.

STR is going to sing in Ian’s band. Ian only needs a bass player now. He tried to persuade me but I’m not ready.

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