The Bands I Saw When Writing Eviscerated Panda – A Metal Tale

Seeing live music always has an enervating and motivating effect on me.

This YouTube playlist has something from almost every band (except a few small local ones) that I saw while writing Eviscerated Panda – A Metal Tale

A huge thank you to the bands I saw in 2011 and early 2012: Manowar, Tenacious D, Dedlok, DRI, Bolt-Thrower, Discharge, Autopsy, Benediction, Sacred Reich, Black Sunrise, Alunah, K-Lacura, Sea Bastard, Mutagenocide, Annero, Empire Divided, The Crushing, Crysis, The Damned, The Dickies, Rancid, Cock Sparrer, Pop Will Eat Itself, Fragment, Terminus, Black Skies Burn, Acrainia, Cemtex, Cerebral Bore, Somnus, Desert Storm, Retribution UK, Basement Torture Killings, Acid Shark, Foul Body Autopsy, Black Skies Burn, Ascaris, Ashes of Maybelle, Merciless Precision, Danzig, Virus, Evile, Suicidal Tendencies, FuryBorn, Divine Chaos, Reign of Fury, Aethara, Annihilator, Thunder, Lamb Of God, Rammstein, Alice Cooper, Bricks & Mortar, Empire Divided, Terminus, Barry and the Beachcombers, The Florentine Camerata, Gotsu-Kotsu-Totsu, Bloodshot Dawn, Occupy, Eyes Of Darkness, Karrion, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, Eyes Of Eve, Silent Screams and Stiff Little Fingers.

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