Feeding Things to Snaggletooth Part 17

Snaggletooth has enjoyed two Swedish chocolate bars this week; the pleasantly named Puss (which means kiss) and the less pleasantly named Plopp (I’m afraid I can’t tell you what this means in Swedish. I tried to find out using Google Translate and “Plopp” in Swedish was translated as “Plop” in English, but I find it hard to believe that anyone really picked Plopp as the name for their chocolate bar with a caramel filling. Perhaps it’s an onomatopoeic name, the caramel might make a plopping sound as it falls upon its chocolatey base).

Snaggletooth also ate a couple of traditional English goodies; he nibbled a chocolate French fancy (stalwart of all old ladies’ Sunday tea time spreads) and a Club biscuit, in the exciting honeycomb flavour (in the olden days there were just fruit, mint and orange flavour). Snaggletooth was delighted to see that the Club still has a silver foil wrapping with a paper sheath* covering.

*Yes, sheath is a rather amusing word that doesn’t get enough usage. Why not try and use it in conversation today?

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