The Mega Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard 1998 – 5th December Entry

Saturday 5th DecemberMMD98

Barry asked why I didn’t talk to him before going on the pill. He said contraception is his responsibility too. I don’t know many other men who think like this (T-Reg says it’s none of his business if women are on the pill or not, or if they are married or not. He doesn’t bother asking). Barry was pleased. The pill leaflet says it doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases but Barry and I only have sex with each other so that doesn’t matter.

I can’t decide where to hide my pills. If I keep them in my Hollie Hobbie nightdress case Mum might find them during one of her raids on my room for mugs and plates. I think I’ll have to keep them in my purse.

Ian snogged Sally Walker in his downstairs cupboard and in his bedroom! He didn’t want to wash his face but he had to wash his face so his Dad and Gav didn’t see the lipstick marks! Sally wasn’t out tonight so he told us all about it in the Green Man. Some idiot kept putting The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” on the jukebox. I don’t know anyone who likes this. Ella put on AC/DC’s “Mistress For Christmas” and Bon Jovi’s “Please Come Home For Christmas”.

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