SYKKOEP1West Midlands four piece SYKKO DOLLZ have recorded a slice of solid hard rock happiness. It’s so catchy it’s like peanut butter on the inside of your brain. It’s like 1988 in better trousers. It’s an awesome foursome of party music.

It starts with “Cheap Trick Baby” which is full of guitar that will play in your memory long after you’ve finished listening to it. Then we get “Riding All Night” which makes you remember when music was exciting and musicians were outlaws. What are they riding away from? Why do they have to do it all night? Is there not a Travelodge nearby? Who cares, we’ll follow them anywhere by the end of the second verse, even though they claim “Life ain’t easy when you’re riding all night”.

SYKKOEP2Next up, “She’s My Girl”, a satin heart of knicker loosening romantic warbling. It’s Valentine’s Day in musical form. One line especially drew my attention, I can’t tell if Gaz is singing “I’ve got a feeling in my bones” or “I’ve got a feeling in my balls”, but either way it’s a pleasant sentiment. You can listen on Spotify to “She’s My Girl”. Finally “I Win You Lose” is an anti-bullying anthem with a chorus full of wisdom. It’s got drumming like feet running away from a sad situation towards an improvement.

I’ve seen the Dollz live five times and it’s always been fun. Sometimes the experience includes clowns distributing shots. Always it includes a great Singer, Gaz Harris (who you might recognise from his previous vocal work with the Gypsy Pistoleros and Wrathchild UK), a flamboyantly coiffured bassist Neil Franklin, the drumming whirlwind Connor Laight and guitar star Aaron Laight. The Dollz are starting to attract plum support slots and are on the rise, don’t miss them when they come to your town!

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