AC/DC’s 1977 Let There Be Rock Album By Song Topic

AC/DC’s 1977 album Let There Be Rock is the next to get its songs looked at closely to see where they fit in our eight categories of lyrical content. So far we’ve got; sex, gambling, rocking (the importance of), love, personal power/ego, crime, loneliness and parties.

The songs

Go Down – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Lickin’ on that lickin’ stick the way you do”. This was a fast song to classify, it’s overwhelmingly blow jobby.

Dog Eat Dog – this is about the ups and downs of life, it’s a bit deeper than your average AC/DC song, it’s not super deep, but you could probably have a paddle in it. I’m going to classify this as the human condition, supporting lyrical evidence “Read the news, someone win, someone lose”.

Let There Be Rock – rocking (the importance of), supporting lyrical evidence “the music was good and the music was loud”.

Bad Boy Boogie – this is half sex, and half being out of step with the rest of society. Supporting sex lyrical evidence “I’ve had me more dirty women than most men ever had”. Supporting lyrical evidence for being out of step with the rest of society “I said right and they said left”. I’m going to call this new category rejection of social norms.

Problem Child – we’ve already assigned this to the category of crime because it appeared on Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Overdose – love, supporting lyrical evidence “I overdosed on you”.

Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be – sex, of the complicated variety, supporting lyrical evidence “Don’t mind her playing a demon, as long as it’s with me, if this is hell then you could say, it’s heavenly”.

Whole Lotta Rosie – sex, specifically with a nineteen stone woman, supporting lyrical evidence “Honey you can do it, do it to me all night long”.

Conclusion – This album is 44% about sex, 12.5% about love, 12.5% about crime, 12.5% about the human condition, 12.5% about rocking (the importance of) and 6% about the rejection of social norms. How do we feel about AC/DC having a go at the philosophical “Dog Eat Dog?” I’ll be honest, I’d have preferred a Big Balls 2.

Let There Be Rock By Song Topic

The next album we’ll look at is 1978’s Powerage. We’ve got ten categories of lyrical content now; sex, gambling, rocking (the importance of), love, personal power/ego, crime, loneliness parties, the human condition and rejection of social norms.

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