AC/DC’s 1979 Highway To Hell Album By Song Topic

ACDCHighwayToHellLoungeThe next album we’re looking at is 1979’s Highway To Hell. This is one of the most iconic album covers and its artwork hangs in my lounge. 

We’ve got ten categories of lyrical content to choose from and if none of these fit we’ll create new ones. Our categories so far are; sex, gambling, rocking (the importance of), love, personal power/ego, crime, loneliness parties, the human condition and rejection of social norms.

The Songs

Highway to Hell – personal power/ego, supporting lyrical evidence “Nobody’s gonna slow me down”.

Girls Got Rhythm – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “She’s got the backseat rhythm” and “Love me till I’m legless, aching and sore”.

Walk All Over You – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Oh baby I ain’t got much, resistance to your touch” and “Leave on the lace and turn off the light”.

Touch Too Much – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “She knew we was making love”.

Beating Around the Bush – love, supporting lyrical evidence “I’m gonna give you just a one more chance, try to save our romance”. This is about a woman who has been unfaithful.

Shot Down in Flames – sex, but from the rare angle of not getting it, supporting lyrical evidence “When a guy with a chip on his shoulder said, toss off buddy she’s mine”. I especially like the use of toss off in this context because that’s the logical conclusion to being shot down in flames all night, you’d have to return home unaccompanied by female company and toss off.

Get It Hot – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “And no one’s playing hard to get, just a good old rock ‘n’ roll”.

If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) – the human condition, supporting lyrical evidence “It’s animal, livin’ in the human zoo”.

Love Hungry Man – love, supporting lyrical evidence “I need your lovin’ more and more”.

Night Prowler – crime, supporting lyrical evidence “And you don’t feel the steel, till it’s hangin’ out your back”

Conclusion – A very sexy album. This album is 50% sex, 20% love, 10% personal power/ego, 10% the human condition and 10% crime. You probably want to listen to it now, go on, treat yourself to the beautiful boisterous Bon vocals.  

Highway to Hell by Song Topic

Let’s take a moment here to feel sad that this is the last Bon Scott album and to reflect that he left a wonderful legacy of music for us to enjoy.

The next album we’ll look at will be Back In Black.


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