Local Places in Pam Dickens Keeps Christmas All The Year

There are a lot of bits of Oxford that don’t get written about enough. Two of them close to me and featured in my latest book Pam Dickens Keeps Christmas All The Year are Templars Square, known as Cowley Centre to those over thirty-five years of age, and the Littlemore Fish Bar.

This is Cowley Centre, despite the clear Templars Square branding (I am over thirty-five years of age).

I used to spend my pocket money here and there are great local shops. The bridge goes from the car park to the shopping centre and offers views in two directions. Good, eh?

Another great asset to the community is the Littlemore Fish Bar.

A lovely chip shop.

Fish and chips is the grandaddy of take away food. If you want to get close to cod you should visit.

As well as these two locations, a lot of local garden centres, Oxford city centre and Summertown also get mentioned by Pam Dickens. It was fun to write and I hope is fun to read, even by those who are not local!

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