Two Questions To Terminus Part One

I’m going to be spending four nights in a row with Terminus later this month when they tour with Stone Trigger and Sykko Dollz so it seemed wise to get to know them a bit better with some insightful and deep* interview questions.

Question one, what was the first gig they ever went to?


Question two, if a dog ran off with an item of their clothing, would they rather it was their pants or their socks? I asked the dog in this picture if he was considering running off with an item of clothing and he replied “Oh yes!”

PantTheft.jpgSteve said he didn’t care either way. He’s not going to be put off by going commando or foot commando**

Liam preferred to remain fully panted. I’ve made a note of that to see if it changes while on tour.

Dean said that Guy, his PatterJack terrier always steals and hides socks from his family, so stolen pants would make a nice change…

Noel said socks would be his sacrifice to the criminal canine. He claimed “I can’t handle the dangle of no pants”.

John said “Where did this dog come from? Did you leave the door open again?”

Phew! I think that’s enough probing queries to get me a reputation as the next Michael Parkinson. Coming up later this week will be the answers to how Terminus thinks the world will end and what’s their favourite pudding.



*Actual depth about that of a short gerbil’s paddling pool. I was inspired by the rigorous journalism of the Mandy Annual 2000, an example of which is below:


**Foot commando, the new name for sock less.

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