Two Questions To Terminus Part Three

Today Terminus have thought about a support band they would like and what their super power would be.


Both The Crushing and Get Loose are talented and original local bands.

NoelBringing joy to an audience with rock/metal/blues covers is already a kind of super power but I asked Terminus what other super power they would have.

Steve said we should ask his girlfriend*.

Liam’s super power would be to be bitten by a radioactive spider and become Spider-Man.  I can see a lycra stage suit in his future.

Noel’s superhuman talent is that he can wear shorts** in the coldest of weather.

Dean says his is “Farts of Doom!” and he used capital letters so I’m taking this very seriously. I’ve just remembered I’m probably going to be in a van with him soon. Yoicks!

John claims modesty as the super power he would have. Yes, most lead guitarists say that.

Check back tomorrow when Terminus may or may not answer the question of what flavour they think nipples should be.



*Note to self. Never ask a question you don’t really want the answer to.

**He’s got the finely muscled legs of a keen drummer. It would be a shame to waste them with a full length trouser.


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