Two Questions To Terminus Part Four

Today Terminus tell us the first album they bought with their own money and what flavour they think nipples should be.

Steve’s first album was Slade’s Old New Borrowed and Blue.

Noel’s was The Essential Jean-Michel Jarre.

John’s was Judas Priest’s Unleashed In The East. A copy of this is framed in the room where he practises guitar.

Dean’s was Tubeway Army’s Replicas.

Liam says his was probably a Metallica album.


Moving on to the nipples question, Steve’s answer seems kinkiest to me and Liam’s sounds sticky. Dean was the only one to show his working when answering this question, he thinks that the visual appearance of nipples is cherry-like so he’d like a concordance in their taste.


The image below is provided to allow you, the inquisitive reader, to test Dean’s theory.

Step 1, locate a chest. This can be yours or that of a willing* volunteer.

Step 2, view the nipples located on the chest. You can expect to find approximately two.

Step 3, compare the nipples you’ve just viewed live with the cherries in the image below.

Step 4, draw your own conclusion about the similarity (or not) between cherries and nipples.



*Ask them clearly, do you consent to me taking a peek at your chest (mainly) in the interests of science? If yes, proceed. If not leave the bus shelter/supermarket/pub/ and try elsewhere.

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