Two Questions To Terminus Part Nine

Today Terminus reveal what their favourite jam is and who their musical influences are.


John’s fave jam is orange marmalade. Citrus fruits think they’re special and refuse to be lumped in with other fruits* and so insist on being called marmalades when they give themselves up to a sugary bath and being put in a jar.

Noel has misunderstood the question and thought about a musical jam, which is when two or more people who can play an instrument show off to each other for a bit. Jams can go on for hours and usually only stop at bed time or when someone’s Mum calls them in for their tea.

Jamwaynes-worldDean makes his own blackberry and apple jam. How’s that for rock and roll? He also makes awesome chutney. Preserve on dude!

Steve likes raspberry seedless jam. This is the jam that most commonly gets the gig for hanging around inside doughnuts. You’ve probably worn a sugar encrusted blob of this on your jumper at some time in your life.

Liam doesn’t like jam! If he has toast, he puts baked beans on it. No-one has invented baked bean jam yet.

I had no idea jam was such a fascinating subject, but let’s unstick ourselves and find out about who influences Terminus musically.

Steve is influenced by Geddy Lee, Lemmy** and Billy Sheehan.

Liam takes inspiration from James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell, Scott Ian, and Randy Rhoads.

Bonham kit
A John Bonham drum kit at Hard Rock Cafe, London

Noel favours Marco Minemann, Hannah Ford and John Bonham.

Dean has a set of influences for when singing with Terminus and for when drumming, because he can do that too (cripes! How does he find time with all that jam making?) Vocally Dean’s influences are Geoff Tate, Snowy Shaw and Blaze Bailey. Drummerly influences are Vikki Foxx, Steve Adler and Petter Karlson.

John is influenced by Joe Bonamassa, Gary Hoey and BB King. John has met Gary Hoey twice and was jolly pleased both times. He’s probably going to buy a Dobro guitar because he saw Gary use one and he liked the sound.




*The worldwide council of oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits meet once a year to decide their agenda for the coming twelve months. In a secret document I’ve (probably) seen, their plan for this year is to squirt you while you try to eat them and to go off if you disrespect them by not using them quite quickly.

**Aren’t we all? What situation can’t be helped by asking yourself “What would Lemmy do?”

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