Two Questions To Terminus Part Eight

The start of the Sleaze In The City tour, during which Terminus support Stone Trigger and Sykko Dollz is getting close now so I asked Terminus what would be their biggest challenge on tour and if they could have a three item rider, what would they ask for?

I’ll give you the biggest challenge answers word for word and you can decide for yourself what the atmos in the van will be like by day four!

Steve’s biggest challenge on tour will be “Not killing the bloody singer”.

Liam’s will be “Keeping my guitars clean”.

Noel’s is “Not killing anyone”.

Dean’s is “Staying sober and not being murdered by the bassist…”.

John’s is “Not strangling the other band members”.

I’m sure this is just the band banter of great mates, like in Bad News or Spinal Tap.


The rider question was inspired by my reading of The Little Red Riders Book. This splendid book reveals that Motörhead asked for Kinder Surprise eggs. Also revealed is that Def Leppard wanted fruit juice, wheat-free cookies and very, very small plums and it was Van Halen who asked for a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones taken out.


I asked Terminus what three items would you like on your rider?

Steve would like Coors Light, nachos and tequila.

Liam’s preference is for Diet Pepsi, comic books and wifi for YouTube.

Noel wants a  USB charger, unlimited water, and a new drumkit.

Dean wants veggie Pizza, Kraken rum and Coke.

John wants cold cider. I pointed out this was one item. He said “Okay, three cold ciders then”.

Simple men with simple tastes, unlike David Hasselhoff, who requested a life-size cut out of David Hasslehoff!








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