Songs I’d Like To Be Christmas Number One in 2017

There are three songs which I’d like to be Christmas number one this year. I know they can’t all be, but I’m going to enjoy listening to them in December and I’m going to download them on the 18th December so the sale counts towards the Christmas chart.

The Christmas number one slot is fun to talk about. It harks back to earlier decades when we had less choice about the music we listened to. Liking the same music as someone else is a wonderfully bonding experience. And if you don’t share the same taste as someone? Then you can practice tolerance by agreeing to disagree (tolerance is bound to come in handy over the festive season). We can all moan about Mr Blobby (1993 Christmas number one) or Bob The Builder (2000 Christmas number one) because they aren’t real people, or be glad that a charity single got top spot, even if it isn’t to our taste musically. Here’s a list from Wikipedia of all the Christmas number ones so far.

My first festive fave for 2017 is a charity single supporting The National Association Of Bikers With Disability called Sykko Christmas from the splendid SYKKO DOLLZ

Next up is the wonderful Lawnmower Deth and Kim Wilde with their F U Kristmas tune. I’d also like them to re-write their classic Satan’s Trampoline as Santa’s Trampoline. Maybe next year?

AboutToRockTinselFinally, there is a campaign to get AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) to number one in tribute to Malcolm Young. I think this has a good chance, remember rock fans mobilised before in 2009 and got Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name to the pinnacle of the chart.

If you want to have a go at getting your own Christmas number one, some advice from is here. Whatever Christmas songs you put in your head, have a wonderful, musical Christmas!




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