Christmas 2017 Reading

Christmas Photo Instagram PostOne of the things I like best about the Christmas holidays is having time to do a lot of reading so when I saw an invite on Twitter from Writerly Yours to a Christmas readathon I thought I’d join in. The idea is that lots of readers and writers tweet about what they’re reading this Christmas. I have fifty books on my Christmas book shelf but always love discovering more! All of these inspire my own Christmas stories and so I like to read a wide range of festive tales.

My most recent new Christmas read, which I’ve just finished is Terry Pratchett’s Father Christmas’s Fake Beard. I read most of it on a snowy Sunday afternoon and I didn’t want it to end. These are children’s stories but Pratchett writes in such a non-patronising, engaging way that I stop noticing that these are children’s stories. I usually re-read Pratchett’s Hogfather at Christmas and I heartily recommend reading anything and everything by Terry Pratchett.TerryP

My next Christmas read is going to be Nancy Mitford’s Christmas Pudding. I’m looking forward to it because it is set in the Cotswolds, near where I live so I should be able to picture the scenes with ease.

Christmas Photo Instagram Post (1).pngCome and join in the readathon fun if you’re a fan of festive reading. Just follow Writerly Yours on Twitter and use the hashtag #WYchristmasreadathon when tweeting about your jolly holiday reading.






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