Feeding Things To Snaggletooth Part 102

I think sherbet lemons ought to be renamed sherbet Lemmys in honour of the great man. I’d start an online petition about it if I wasn’t already busy being weird in lots of other ways and if politics wasn’t in the pickle it’s in. I’d love to know what Lemmy would have made of Brexit. Anyway, so far it’s just me and a Twitter chum (thanks Gord Turner @StormLeaf for making yourself a mental note) using the term sherbet Lemmys but please do join in. I’m also trying to get the ten pound note referred to as a persuasion but that’s a side quest.

Recently Snaggletooth has licked a sherbet Lemmy, chomped burger flavour crisps, eaten rock from Birmingham, the Home Of Metal (check out the Black Sabbath Exhibition if you haven’t already, it’s wonderful!) and had some dark chocolate. Yum!

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