AC/DC’s 1995 Ballbreaker Album By Song Topic

The next album we’re looking at is Ballbreaker. We’ve got twelve categories of lyrical content to choose from (and if none of these fit we’ll create new ones). Our categories so far are; sex, gambling, rocking (the importance of), love, personal power/ego, crime, loneliness, parties, the human condition, rejection of social norms, alcohol and war.

The Songs

Hard as a Rock – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “She gives a lickin’ that doesn’t stop” and the delightful “Her hot potatoes, will elevate you”. These are sex potatoes.

Cover You in Oil – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Pull on the zip, she give good lip service” and “She make you hot, you spray your lot”.

The Furor – sex and crime, this seems to be a song about escaping from the law to a woman, supporting crime lyrical evidence “Frame of mind, cross the line to a new state, I can shake the law”, supporting sex lyrical evidence “I’m your furor baby”. This song makes me think of the Zodiac Mindwarp lyric “Sex fuhrer baby, I’m the love dictator”. Maybe Zodiac Mindwarp will be the next band to get an album by album lyrical dissection complete with pie charts.

Boogie Man – sex. At this point, will you just trust me without me giving you supporting lyrical evidence?

The Honey Roll – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Honey roll over, and lettuce on top”.

Burnin’ Alive – war, supporting lyrical evidence “It’s an all out war, an all out war”.

Hail Caesar – personal power/ego, supporting lyrical evidence is all of it, it’s about the historical figure Julius Caesar from the Romans.

Love Bomb – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Open your bays and drop those bombs away”. Bombs = sperms in this instance.

Caught with Your Pants Down – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Woman workin’ so hot, givin’ it everything you got”.

Whiskey on the Rocks – alcohol, supporting lyrical evidence “I’ve been drinkin’ all night long”.

Ballbreaker – sex, perhaps very specifically the sort where when climax is impending the sensation is heightened by reducing oxygen supply. Anyway, whatever is happening here isn’t vanilla, supporting lyrical evidence “She threw me on the bed, her hand went for my throat, as I began to choke, she said, Honey shoot your load”.

Conclusion – This album is 68% sex, 9% war, 9% personal power/ego, 9% alcohol and 5% crime.

Ballbreaker by Song Topic

The next album we’ll look at is 2000’s Stiff Upper Lip.

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