AC/DC’s 2014 Rock or Bust Album By Song Topic

The final album we’re looking at is Rock or Bust. We’ve got fourteen categories of lyrical content to choose from (and if none of these fit we’ll create new ones). Our categories so far are; sex, gambling, rocking (the importance of), love, personal power/ego, crime, loneliness, parties, the human condition, rejection of social norms, alcohol, war, television and bad weather.

The Songs

Rock or Bust – rocking (the importance of), supporting lyrical evidence “In rock we trust, it’s rock or bust”.

Play Ball – this is half parties and half alcohol, supporting parties lyrical evidence “I said, it’s party time”, supporting alcohol lyrical evidence “Fill my cup, pour me another round”.

Rock the Blues Away – this is half rocking (the importance of) and half the human condition because it’s about using rocking to cope with life. Supporting lyrical evidence “We won’t get the blues because we rock the blues away”.

Miss Adventure – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Feelin’ like some hot cross buns, love you, love you all the night”.

Dogs of War – war, obviously.

Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder – personal power/ego, supporting lyrical evidence “I said feeling great and ready to roll, I got the rock and roll thunder”.

Hard Times – the human condition, we all have hard times, supporting lyrical evidence “Hard times, blue and sad”. I would have predicted from the title alone that this song would be about sex.

Baptism by Fire –gambling, supporting lyrical evidence “Play your hand, come on and play your hand”.

Rock the House – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Mistress, mistress, all night long, hey, ooh keep on coming” and the unhygienic sounding “Hot to the taste, oozin’ out on my plate”.

Sweet Candy – sex, this seems to be about watching a pole dancer called Candy (probably not her real name), supporting lyrical evidence “She do a dance, slides down a pole, she turn a backflip, make your heart roll”.

Emission Control – sex, supporting lyrical evidence “Turn on emission, the engine comes alive, she takes to pairing mama, like a lion ready to strike”. In this song engine = penis.

Conclusion – this album is 36% sex, 14% rocking (the importance of), 14% human condition, 9% war, 9% personal power/ego, 9% gambling, 4.5% parties and 4.5% alcohol.

Rock or Bust by Song Topic

There are no more AC/DC studio albums to dissect. Next I’m going to look at all 16 albums (162 songs) together and see which are the most popular lyrical topics. I’m also going to look at Bon era and Brian era songs and calculate which era was most about sex.

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