What are AC/DC All About? An Examination Of The Song Topics Of Their Studio Albums

AC/DC have given us 162 songs on 16 studio albums. That’s a wealth of great tunes. Of these 162 songs, there are 71 songs about sex,

16.5 about love,

17.5 about rocking (the importance of),

13.5 about crime,

11.5 about personal power/ego,

11 about the human condition,

5 about rejection of social norms

4 about war,

3 about parties

3 about alcohol

2 about gambling

2 about television

1 about loneliness

1 about bad weather.

ACDC Studio Albums by Song Topic

To answer the question of was the Bon era or Brian era sexiest – Bon sex songs count is 21, Brian sex songs count is 50. However, we got 6 Bon albums and 10 Brian ones. So, 21 songs divided between 6 albums is 3.5 sex songs per album on average, while 50 songs divided between 10 albums is 5 sex songs per album on average, demonstrating that the Brian era is a bit sexier.

What I’d really like to do now is put all the AC/DC lyrics into some software (maybe NVivo) and answer questions like how many times have AC/DC used the words honey and hard? I’m also working on rewriting “Have a Drink on Me” to be about eating biscuits and having sex. It’ll be re-titled Hobnob with me. Watch this space…

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