10 Reasons Why Seeing Kiss Made Me Very Happy.

  1. The lyric “It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself”. This should be your new philosophy.
  2. Birmingham is a truly beautiful city. The library was lit up with rainbow lights for Pride.
  3. The song “Lick It Up” is a splendidly life affirming tune and also hints at sexy times. Snigger.
  4. My friend telling me her colleague’s misheard lyric; “I want to rock and roll all night, and part of everyday”. It’s not the correct Kiss lyric (party every day) but it is more realistic and achievable. If you’ve rock and rolled all night, you’re only going to be able to rock and roll for part of every day, not the whole day.
  5. Shouting “Paul, Paul, Paul!” like a crowd of needy drunk girlfriends in a town centre on a Saturday night. We don’t want to be the crowd he doesn’t get on the zip wire for and doesn’t get atop his lazy Susan rotating stage for. Not many men his age look so good in a spangly crop top. He asked how many of us have never seen Kiss before and told us we would remember this night. He took our Kiss cherries so gently and so thoroughly. Phew!
  6. The lyric “These are my people and this is my crowd” sung by fifteen thousand people of which you are one.
  7. Paul and Gene are constants, they’ve been doing this since before I was born.
  8. So much tongue wiggling. Probably way over the legal limit of tongue wiggling.
  9. The joy of hearing Americans pronounce Birmingham.
  10. A scene I like to imagine from Gene Simmons’ life; Mr Simmons, your Avon order is ready. Good. I’m going on tour and I like the shower gel that removes dried fake blood easily from my chest hair.
  11. The crowd singing “God Gave Rock And Roll To You” while walking out of the venue and continuing to sing all the way down the street outside.



2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Seeing Kiss Made Me Very Happy.

  1. I’m very busy so I try and party 1pm-3pm 😂. Loved the gig on Saturday only my 2nd KISS concert but about 22 years apart lol . 2nd and best ! KISS ARMY ! KISS gave rock n roll 2u .

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